Timber for Sale:

1523 Brown Mountain Road
Westfield, North Carolina 27053

Stokes County, NC



  • Oak
  • Maples
  • Large Pines

After January 1st:

  • Poplar, Pines, Maple, & Oak


  • Large Pine

After January 1st:

  • Poplar, Pines, Maple
  • Large Birch


  • Veneer Poplar
  • Poplar on Damn

After January 1st:

  • Valley: Poplar, Pines, Maple
  • Possibly Large Red Oak


  • Eeastern Hemlock


  • Large Pines
  • Two Cedar
  • Large Maples
  • 1 Cherry

After January 1st:

  • Lots of Pine
  • Poplars
  • Possibly a Few Large Maples
  • One of Two - Large Oaks

  • 3 Large Hickory


Due to variety of trees on the property and the "multi-specialities" (building lumber, pulp, possibly veneer, whiskey barrels, furnature, etc) of timber harvesters, this property's timber will be open to offers on the cutting of Selective Tree Variety(s) and/or as a Whole Lot Purchase. Much of the timber is relatively easy to access. Calculated by professionals at approx 17 acres of forest. Oak, Hickory, Eastern Hemlock, Cedar, Cherry, Veneer Poplar, and large, multi-specie pine. Looking to cut Hickory, some Oak, some Maples, and Eastern Hemlock now; the other sections after January 1, 2021.


Additional Information:

  • I realize the time frame(s) may or may not be realistic, however today is July 20th and I would like to have some if not all of the tree cutting to be contracted by August 15th. The August 15th date is also a rough deadline. For those considering to harvest the areas noted "immediate", it would have to be the week of August 16th - 22nd at latest. If that week is not possible, those ares of the property would be available for cutting after January 1, 2021 but a contract in place well before.
  • My DBH measurements - are fairly accurate measurements as I used a flexible tape and one starting point screw which then was removed, however I am not in the lumber industry nor guarantee my measurements. For example some trees are on slopes and measurements could slightly vary depending on ground placement. Potential buyers are welcome to measure prior to quoting.
  • Only registered, legitimate timber harvest businesses will be considered. A copy of insurance will be required upon signing of contract.
  • There will be no cutting of longleaf or pitch pine anywhere on the property.
  • Areas and trees will be clearly marked and in a written agreement prior to any cutting.
  • Any ailments that I know of on any of the trees is noted and shown in photos.
  • Some species or individual trees such as the cedar, birch, or eastern hemlock I may decide to keep depending on value.
  • Leave a voicemail and I will respond with answers to questions and/or to schedule a showing.

(336) 893-0585