Sectional Overview:

Easy, Flat Access

Ready for harvest now or anytime. Exceptionally large pines at driveway entrance, along with one on the back side of the house. The last two pines closest to the road have some decay as shown in photos but very much alive and needles/branches show no sign of immediate death.

Several exceptionally large maple trees as well; one with fungus as shown in photo that will eventually die but very much alive and leaves/branches show no sign of immediate death.

One large cedar (another available as well) and if of significant value, can be harvested, otherwise the tree may stay. One medium size cherry tree.

Massive Eastern Hemlock with split. As far as I can tell, earlier this year the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid started attacking this tree. Overall it is still very much alive and in good shape. If the tree is not of signifant value, I will treat the tree and keep in the yard.

Pine 1: DBH 5'; Pine 2: DBH 6' 11";
Pine 3: DBH 8' 2"

Opposite Side

Pine 1: No Cut; Pine 2: DBH 8' 5";
Pine 3: DBH 8' 4"

Opposite Side

Split Cedar:
Base Measurement 10' 2"

One Maple
MAPLE #1 DBH 10' 9"; Maple #2 Do Not Cut;

Maple #2: DBH 10' 6"

Maple #2 with Fungus

Maple #3 (3 Way Split)
and Pine (2 Way Split)

Maple #3 DBH 9' 6"; Pine DBH 9'

Different Angle

Different Angle

Cherry - 2 Sections Over 8" in Length

Two Back Yard Maples

Back Yard Maples: Tree #1 DBH 7' 2"
Tree #2 DBH 9' 10"

Eastern Hemlock
Base Measurement: 8' 1"

Eastern Hemlock Opposite Side

Eastern Hemlock


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