Pond: Valley, Damn, and Hilltop

Sectional Overview:

Medium Difficult Access - Narrow road at pond but farm tractor passes. Below damn of spring feed pond, stream down in a valley with a decent amount of Veneer Populars (way high-up before any branches, large/x-large in size, long and tall to the compete with hilltop's canopy top! Poplars on East side of stream easily accessable. West side of damn some massive veneer poplars - med/hard accessability. Poplars on damn need to go. West hillside from house to barn low/med difficulty.

Hilltop might be a little challenging - some very large maples and populars are on house hilltop but a few feet down. Pond tractor road below as seen in photo. (Note two Maples will stay).

Availablity: Hill top anytime. Damn and around damn by August 15th. Valley and below if very disruptive and more than a three days past Aug 22nd, then cut after January 1st, 2021, including veneers.




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